Nickolay Lamm

200 degrees: the visual field of a cat (humans see just 180 degrees)

42.3 gallons: the volume an elephant can urinate in a single go

20 seconds: about how long it takes nearly all mammals to empty their bladders, according to the Law of Urination

$600: the price of a set of 3-D printed titanium horseshoes

3-D Printed Horseshoes

$1.79: the monthly fee to own a Retrievor, a quarter-sized GPS tracking device you can stick to basically anything

1,257 pounds: the weight of the meteorite fragment that divers recently recovered from a Russian lake

$10,000: the prize an MIT engineering team just won to further develop a thermal wristband that keeps its wearer at the perfect temperature


76 percent: the accuracy with which this Swiss team can predict, within four hours of launch, whether a Kickstarter project will succeed

13/1,000,000,000 of a gram: the amount of inhaled botulinum toxin it would take to kill you

80 percent: the portion of the world’s sharp-snouted day frog population killed by a mysterious fungus in the decade leading up to 2004

563 horsepower: the oomph in Toyota’s one and only electric race car

Supercharged: Toyota

59 pounds: the amount of hydrogen this hydrogen-powered race car consumed during the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

Hybrid Racer

870,000: the number of vehicles Toyota recalled this week due to a spider problem

2005: the year America hit peak car

1 hour: the time it takes to turn a point-and-shoot camera into a photosynthesis detector

Veggie Vision

Note: Not all camera models are easy to hack, so attempt only with those you’re willing to ruin.