15.4: combined weight in pounds of this robot riding a hovercycle.

-268: temperature in degrees Celsius of liquid helium when it is used in MRI machines and particle accelerators. Below that, liquid helium starts to demonstrate weird quantum effects.

10.8 million: the amount of money, in dollars, in a U.K. emergency fund, intended to bankroll Ebola research to help the current outbreak.

Researchers Investigate an Ebola Outbreak in Uganda in 2012

3,800: the speed in miles per hour the Army wants their advanced hypersonic missile to go. However, this goal may be further away than expected; during a weapons test, one of their experimental rockets exploded after liftoff.

56: percentage of fruits and vegetables grown for consumption that are actually consumed, worldwide. That’s compared to 44 percent of produce lost.

Food waste, by production stage and food type

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43: percentage of oxygen in rock and soil on the Moon. Scientist Larry Taylor says that unsatisfied dangling bonds from oxygen in the lunar soil account for the Moon’s ashy, gunpowder smell.

2: the number of hours Time Warner’s major Internet outage lasted early Wednesday morning. We spoke with a computer scientist to figure out what may have caused the issue.

761.2: the speed of sound in miles per hour at sea level. China is developing a supersonic submarine that may be able to travel at such a speed.

Supercavitating Submarine

$25 to $1,250: price range (in real money) for purchasing virtual ships in the crowdfunded video game Star Citizen, which promises to be the most realistic spaceflight game yet.

48.1 million: Amount of money total that 498,500 players have spent on virtual ships in_ Star Citizen_. These gamers are excited.

111: Number of juvenile Polypterus senegalus fish trained to walk on land for nearly a year. The idea was for researchers to better understand evolutionary processes that occurred 400 million years ago.

2,000: square miles of southeastern Louisiana that has disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico over the past eight decades.