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O3b Satellites mounted to launch dispenser

O3b Satellites mounted to launch dispenser

Google recently hired O3b Networks Ltd’s founder and chief technology officer. This is the kind of satellite they make.

$1 billion: money Google is spending to spread internet access with satellites

50 degrees F: temperature of a human body in suspended animation

70 percent: fraction by which projected benefits of e-cigarette regulations should be cut to account for lost pleasure, according to a recent cost-benefit calculation from the FDA

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New calculations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration quantify how much pleasure Americans lose by not smoking tobacco vapor products, such as e-cigarettes.

30 percent: estimated portion of Americans who use DEET (is the insect repellent safe? A review of the science here)

30 percent: amount by which U.S. power plants must cut their carbon dioxide pollution, under a new EPA plan

3 hours: time it takes to build your own simple solar-powered rover

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$80: price of a wireless drill that can stop itself before it strips heads or cracks surfaces

Black & Decker AutoSense Drill

Black & Decker AutoSense Drill

This wireless drill is the first to stop itself before it strips heads or cracks surfaces. A microprocessor senses the changing torque of the screw as it bores into wood and signals the motor to stop in time. $80