The Week In Numbers: Fanged Deer, Zombies, And Technologies To Ease The Weight Of War

Plus: What you need to know about sugar this Halloween.
Graham Murdoch

55 percent: Portion of their body weight that soldiers carry into combat. These four technologies could ease that burden.

600 grams: Amount of sugar the average U.S. trick-or-treater will take home this Halloween. That’s about 3 cups worth. Here’s a calculator to figure out how much you can safely consume.

13 out of nearly 19,000: Total different DNA letters between mouse and human Ebolaviruses. Researchers have bred mice that can contract human Ebola for testing.

2: Orbital cousins visible in this stunning, weird image from China’s lunar test probe, Chang’e 5TI.

100 years: Length of the 100 Year Starship Project’s mission to spark a human flight to another star. Its project leader, former astronaut Mae Jemison, doesn’t think that ship will resemble the craft in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar though. See all of Popular Science‘s coverage of the surprising science behind the movie.

13 percent for females and 9 percent for males: Extension of the lives of mice given the chemical rapamycin, which will be tested soon in domestic dogs. If they manage to extend your puppy’s life, there will be implications for your own.

60 years: Time since this Halloween-appropriate fanged deer’s kind was last seen, before it showed up again this October.

2: “Zombies” who attacked Popular Science‘s office this week. See the full video here.


Happy Halloween!