40 hertz: the frequency of electrical brain stimulation most likely to induce lucid dreaming, according to a a recent study

$65: cost to hack your Nerf gun to automatically fire at large heat signatures


Nerf Sentry Gun

This summer, Popular Science contributor Dave Prochnow helped readers ramp up their foam-weapon warfare. He explained how to hack a Nerf gun to fire at encroaching heat signatures!

2030: the year Russia plans to colonize the moon

1969: year of NASA’s Apollo 10 mission (here’s your chance to follow the events in real-time, 45 years later)

7 minutes: the battery life of a softball-sized drone that can climb walls and scurry across ceilings

Parrot MiniDrone

6,809 patents: were filed by IBM in 2013 (see the other top U.S. patent-holders here)

10: number of feet the sea will inevitably rise, according to two new studies

Thwaites glacier

76 percent: your chance of winning a seventh bet if you have already won six times in a row, according to a recent study of lucky streaks

42 days: the shelf life of donated blood (a new way to extend this time has been found in eye drops)

Zu Sanchez Photography/Getty Images