The Week In Numbers: Crunchy Crickets, Food Poison Twitter Bots, And A Whole Lotta Ice

6: the number of weeks it takes to raise your own edible crickets. The cost: $22.

121.5: the calories in one serving size of crickets, which is 100 grams or roughly 22 crickets.** **

1,300: average thickness, in feet, of the glacier that currently buries the Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland, which may erupt very soon.

60,000,000,000,000: approximate weight, in pounds, of the ice over the volcano.

A Glacial Lake Near The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
A Glacial Lake Near The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Paul Clement via Flickr By CC 2.0

4.6 billion years: age of recently-discovered meteorites that were made by volcanoes on a small asteroid.

Asteroid Contrail

Asteroid Contrail

This cellphone photo shows the contrail left by asteroid 2008 TC3, from which researchers gathered evidence that early Solar System bodies could be volcanically active.

2,241: number of food poisoning-related tweets collected by the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Twitter bot between March 2013 and January 2014.

133: number of restaurant inspections the bot’s work led to, including 21 shutdowns.

Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning From an infographic for Foodborne Chicago by Payal Patel Designs

3,150: number of high-resolution photos that comprise a newly-released mosaic image of Antarctica.

New map of Antarctica
New map of Antarctica CSA/Univ. of Waterloo

0.15 inches: the average increase in elevation across the Western U.S., caused by extreme drought.

GPS Station

GPS Station

A network of GPS stations like this one near Lone Pine, California, helped scientists discover that land in the West is rising.

4: kilobytes of data that can be stored in a hard drive built by players in the game Minecraft. The hard drive is also “covered in torches to keep zombies from attacking it at night.”

Minecraft HDD Controller Top View
Minecraft HDD Controller Top View The0JJ/