1979: the year physicist Alan Guth came up with the theory of cosmic inflation, the dramatic expansion that created our universe (this week, scientists found the first direct evidence of Guth’s theory)

681 billion pixels: the size of this new interactive map of the moon’s north pole

Close-Up of a Crater on NASA’s Lunar Map

120,000 celestial objects: the astronomical database of this Wi-Fi-connected telescope that finds stars for you

Celestron Cosmos 90 GT Wi-Fi Telescope

66,130 dry martinis: the equivalent alcohol content of the rocket fuel in one V-2 missile

A V-2 just launching

8,592 words: the vocabulary of this trash-talking, Scrabble-playing robot

12,000 square feet: the size of a luxury house from 1964 that may or may not be buried under a New York City park

Illustration of an Underground Home Living Room, with an ‘Outdoor’ View Screened Onto the Windows

140,000 homes: are powered by the world’s largest solar power tower field, which began producing electricity this January

Ivanpah Overhead

1 trillion: the number of scents that human noses can distinguish, according to a new study

22.18 billion base pairs: the size of the largest genome sequenced to date

Loblolly pine

2,300 miles: the range of Taiwan’s new stealth catamaran

Tuo Jiang’s Two Hulls

500,000 Lego bricks: went into this life-size, drivable Lego car