Private Space Flight photo
Private Space Flight photo

Virgin Shuttle

Now that Bill Nye has been unfairly removed from the travesty of a television program Dancing With the Stars, there is a strange, science-y, reality TV show-shaped hole in my heart. But perhaps billionaire party-dude archetype Sir Richard Branson can step in and fill it: his private space airline Virgin Galactic is offering a trip to the stars for the winner of a new reality show. The show is called Space Race.

And that’s about all we know. Here’s a snippet of a press release for it:

“Elimination competition”? Sorta sounds like the losers are thrown out of space station bay doors when they’re voted off.

The winner, meanwhile, gets ferried to space on one of Virgin’s future-hip spaceships; Virgin gets publicity for its space cruises, which they plan to to start launching in 2014; and NBC gets a TV show. Everyone wins. Except the people on the show who do not win.