Quantum Cats

While a normal camera might create a photo using light rays that bounce off an object, a new camera creates an image using photons that have never touched that object. Scientists do it using entangled photons, where the behavior of one photon matches that of another photon, no matter how far apart they are. Researchers have one set of photons scan an object and use their entangled partners to develop an image of that object.

Hand Print

Design student Evan Kuester wanted to make a prosthetic that was not just functional, but aesthetically pleasing. So he used his 3-D printer to make this plastic arm prosthetic for his friend, Ivania Castillo. The arm is not yet functional, and Make points out that he’s still tinkering with the design, but it’s a beautiful start.

Ooze Your Daddy

The National Commissioner Of The Icelandic Police tweeted this picture of a small eruption that occurred just after midnight last night. The 1000-foot crack in the ground started oozing lava in an area north of Bardarbunga, the volcano that’s been threatening to blow for a few weeks now. Although the mini eruption didn’t release much ash, scientists are worried that a Bardarbunga eruption could disrupt air traffic.

Titan Tumbler

Landing a rover on another planet requires either a gigantic airbag or really sophisticated rocketry. The spindly machine shown here could be another option. Designed by a NASA roboticist, the Super Ball Bot can change into any shape, cushioning the payload at its center and rolling around other planets like a tumbleweed. Researchers think it might be the right robot to explore Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Bed Bugs

Talk about unwelcome house guests. A British woman discovered that a colony of 5,000 wasps had made themselves at home in her unused spare bedroom, building a three-foot-wide nest in the bed. The BBC reports that the wasps had chewed through the pillows and the mattress in order to make their nest larger. The wasps apparently entered through a window and spent about three months building the nest.


A SpaceX test vehicle exploded over McGregor, Texas this week. The company is still working out what went wrong, but the three-engine vehicle detected an anomaly and self destructed in the air, safely away from people and private property. The vehicle was a different model from the one that SpaceX uses to haul cargo to the International Space Station. It’s the first setback for the private spaceflight company, but CEO Elon Musk says they expected to hit a bump in the road eventually. “Rockets are tricky…” he tweeted.

Sharp Shooter

The WorldView-3, which has the highest resolution of any commercial satellite, beamed back its first breathtaking images this week. Each pixel captures 40 square centimeters of land. But in six months, pending the relaxation of government restrictions, the photos will become even more detailed with a resolution of 30 centimeters per pixel. That’s fine enough to see home plate at Yankee Stadium.

Cobalt Crustacean

A teenage girl and her father captured this blue lobster off the coast of Maine. It’s cobalt coloring derives from a rare genetic mutation seen in one lobster out of two million. The lobster, now named Skylar, will live out the rest of his days at the Maine State Aquarium.

A Man’s Home Is His Castle

This life-sized castle is 3-D printed from concrete. It’s meant to be a kids’ playhouse, but the maker, Andrey Rudenko, plans to print an entire (adult-sized) home one day.