How One Man's One-Way Trip To Mars Is Dividing His Family

Choosing between the Earthlings you love and the adventure of a lifetime

Mars One Concept

Bryan Versteeg and Mars One

Ken Sullivan has applied for a one-way trip to Mars, and, good news, he's made it past the first round of Mars One applicants! Hooray! Surely nothing could stand in his way.

Except his wife and four children, who are less than ecstatic about the idea.

Jeez. Just can't let a guy have any fun.

From a report in the Salt Lake Tribune:

It’s led to some difficult conversations around the dinner table. "The question is do we get divorced now or get divorced later," she said Sunday night in their living room. "If I stand in the way of his dreams and passions, then we get divorced now, so I have to be supportive."

Oof. Yeah, I guess, although if a spouse told his partner, It's my dream to leave you and the kids through literally the most accelerated means possible, in fact rocketing off of this very planet, in the near future, that would perhaps be grounds for less dream-support. Maybe just let that one die.

But the real kicker are the children quoted in the article, one of whom delivers this line right out of some domestic science-fiction tragedy:

"I don’t like it, not at all," said Kaitlyn, 12, about the thought of her dad blasting off to Mars, never to return. "When he leaves, I’d have a way to talk to him, but I can’t ever see him in person again. "It makes me sad because I’m going to miss him."

Sullivan's wife says they'll cross the divorce road if he actually makes it down from the current pool of applicants down to the final four. Anyway, at least he's being open about it, and not trying to pull My father said he was going out for cigarettes and then left for Mars.