Dr. Oz Is...

What Google has to say about Dr. Mehmet Oz, on the occasion of his visit to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance

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In honor of celebrity physician Dr. Oz's visit to the U.S. Senate yesterday, we thought we would collect some Dr. Oz Googlisms. Mehmet Oz is a polarizing figure. He's well beloved by fans, but draws sharp criticism from many doctors, scientists and journalists. We thought Googlisms would be an interesting way to see the spread of opinion.

What is a Googlism? Many years ago, a site called Googlism.com was popular. The site pulls random sentences from the Internet that fill in the sentence "[Search term] is . . . ." Below are some of our favorite "Dr. Oz is" sentences from the web. Please note, we cannot vouch for whether these are true statements.

Dr. Oz is a renowned heart surgeon Dr. Oz is a very intelligent guy I think Dr. Oz is working hard Dr. Oz is host of The Dr. Oz Show Dr. Oz is a pioneer in the field of hawking products Dr. Oz is back, but not in his usual blue scrubs Dr. Oz is Coming! Dr. Oz is a big sports fan Dr. Oz is also our wonderful friend—and my personal exercise buddy Dr. Oz Is Lying to You Dr. Oz is 52, so he knows what he's talking about Dr. Oz is not the first celebrity to kit himself out in a fat suit, either Dr. Oz is no longer a doctor who cares the least bit about science Dr. Oz is not to be trusted Dr. Oz Is a Mean Old Neighbor Dr. Oz is unrivaled in cutting through the clutter Dr. Oz is here to save the day

Oz was called to Washington, D.C. for his role in encouraging predatory weight-loss supplement businesses, which use his unscientific claims to promote their products.