Big Pic: The Universe Reimagined As A Fiery Egg

Jonathan Feldschuh's work remixes data from Europe's Planck satellite.

Microwave Universe

Jonathan Feldschuh, 2013

Universe Baby Picture - Planck #1

Jonathan Feldschuh, 2013

Since Planck's images of the Cosmic Microwave Background have been called the universe's "baby picture," Feldschuh "playfully altered the spectrum to suggest the canonical colors of infancy--the pink and blue of hospital swaddling blankets," according to his website. Below, he superimposed the microwave foreground, the radation found between us and the light released at the birth of the universe, on the baby-colored Cosmic Microwave Background data.

Universe Now And Then

Jonathan Feldschuh, 2013

See more of Feldschuh's work, including his paintings of the Large Hadron Collider, here.