Ask Jacob Ward About’s Decision To Shut Off Comments

Today at 3pm ET, you can chat live with Popular Science Editor-in-Chief Jacob Ward about our controversial decision to shut off comments on new stories. You can submit questions ahead of time by tweeting at us (@PopSci). Join the Google Hangout On Air to submit questions live.

To ask a question during the Hangout On Air, you’ll need to log into your Google+ account, go to the Google+ Event, and click on the embedded Q&A Hangout on Air that will appear just before 3pm ET on October 10. Once you join the Hangout On Air, you’ll see a panel along the right side (the Q&A app). Go to the lower right hand corner of the Q&A app and click “ask a question.” You can also +1 other questions to up-vote them to increase the chance of them being answered.

Update: Here’s a video of the chat!