25 Times Everyone Was BAFFLED, According To The Daily Mail
25 Times Everyone Was BAFFLED, According To The Daily Mail

Ferret In A Tube!

1) “The chemistry flops: Pupils baffled by O-level exams from the Sixties

2) “The Chinese mummy that aged 300 years in a day: Experts baffled by ‘perfectly preserved’ body that turned BLACK just hours after its coffin was opened

3) “The supermarket promotions that leave baffled shoppers paying over the odds: Study finds most customers cannot work out the best deals

4) “The British X-Files: Natural History Museum sets up unit to investigate bizarre phenomenon – but is baffled by Somerset’s mysterious ‘space slime’

5) “Who’s the daddy? Scientists left baffled by find of cave-dwelling daddy longlegs with FOOT-LONG leg span

6) “Fabled ‘Chupacabra’ or mutant fox poisoned by radiation? Hunters baffled by dog-like animal found in former Soviet republic

7) “iFail! Obama baffled as he tries to make a call on an iPhone (but at least he knows how to use his Blackberry)

8) “The mystery ball from space: Experts baffled by metal sphere that crashed to Earth in remote area of Namibia

9) “Scientists red-faced as they admit they are baffled why people blush

10) “Twin town: The Indian village where there are 220 sets of twins has doctors baffled

11) “Is it an alien, is it a jellyfish? Mysterious GLOWING creature in city harbor leaves experts baffled – but is it just another web hoax?

12) “Scientists baffled by see-through ‘ice fish’ with transparent BLOOD

13) “Puffins in peril: Experts baffled as population falls by a third

14) “Baffled scientists probe honeybee colony collapse to save half of world’s crops

15) “Forget cattle, now they’re rustling ferrets: Spate of thefts sweeping across England leaves owners baffled

16) “Was it abortions, 9/11 or the ‘Obama effect’?: Experts baffled as violent crime falls to its lowest levels since the 1960s

17) “Mystery of the Brown Mountain lights: Tourists flock to see see eerie phenomenon which have baffled residents for 100 years

18) “Jordan baffled doctors when his leukaemia vanished, new evidence suggests a remarkable explanation… can a fever cure cancer?

19) “California residents baffled by mysterious thunder-like sounds they’ve been hearing for YEARS

20) “Lost in space: Astronomers left baffled after cosmic dust orbiting star disappears

21) “Beam me up: Scientists left baffled as mysterious columns of coloured light appear in the night skies

22) “Pete the purple squirrel leaves animal lovers baffled

23) “Mystery of the Mexican ‘goldenballs’ cave: Scientists baffled by hundreds of spheres found in hidden tunnels

24) “So what IS the Frankenfish of Cambridge? Angler baffled by catch with the body of a goldfish, head of a roach and the fin of a bream

25) Truly baffling: “The foreign doctors left baffled by the dudders (or shivers in Norfolk dialect)