All companies keep track of how well their employees are doing, but few do it to the extent that a company called The Outside View does.

The Guardian reports that the U.K.-based technology company has been measuring its employees’ eating, exercising and sleeping habits with different apps. The company has also sprung for employees to get personalized workout programs from a clinic that helps clients prepare to climb Mt. Everest. (Going to work is like your everyday Everest, amirite??) The idea is that by pushing workers to become healthier, The Outside View will get a more productive team.

If you’re not in a young tech company, you’re not likely to see anything so intense in your own office. But more employees might find themselves monitored in other ways. The Outside View’s product happens to be a system for analyzing things like salespeoples’ calendar entries and the tone of voice they use on the phone. Managers can then identify what makes a top salesperson and teach others. Meanwhile, The Container Store has used wearable devices to record how often employees talk to each other and to shoppers, Fast Company reported. And Business Insider has reported on devices that monitor employees’ movement, posture, and the time they spend collaborating. That all sounds both more helpful and less fun than tracking your naps and snacks.