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A good drink is an important part of a good dining experience, be it a pint of your local microbrew or a glass of pinot noir. While some of us may fancy ourselves as beer or wine connoisseurs, the average customer might not be able to tell ale from pale ale, pinot blanc from pinot grigio. Worry not: there’s an app for that.

SipSnapp is a mobile app that aims to provide you with enough information to can make an informed decision. Once you’ve settled in your seat, open the app, and snap a picture of the drinks menu in front of you. Within a minute, SipSnapp reads the list from the menu and returns a detailed analysis: brewer, style, user ratings and so on — all the facts you need to make a wise decision of what drink to order.

Currently, the app’s Kickstarter campaign has raised $467 of their pledged $30,000 total with 28 days to go. Their first prototype, if they reach the funding goal, would focus only on beer. Aside from snapping photos, searching can also be done by drink name and results will include user ratings and comments from Another feature of the app is that it learns of your personal preferences over time, and in a Netflix style, recommends beers that you would like when it pops up on the menu. The SipSnapp team also projects future features that will include a wine section, searching for available drinks according to location, and a paid premium service.