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Here’s another addition to the internet of things: London-based design firm Berg has created Cloudwash, a prototype cloud-connected laundry machine with a minimalist, customizable user interface that connects to a smartphone.

Because people typically only do laundry a few different ways, Cloudwash has three programmable presets for everyday use. More washer settings are available through a smartphone. Next to the presets is a delay toggle, with a screen showing when the load of laundry will be done.

Another concept tested in the Cloudwash? Ordering detergent right from the machine itself. There’s a toggle for notifications, and one button is set up to directly order more detergent from Amazon, following an authorization from the connected smartphone.

In the growing internet of things, home appliances connected to the internet do more than just, say, wash clothes. Instead, a connected washer can order supplies and remember preferred washing configurations, while the human monitors all of this progress from a smartphone.

Watch a video about Cloudwash below: