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If you were coming up with a project that summed up science fiction and acid-fried ’60s-to-’70s counter-culture, you might come up with something like this: LSD proponent Timothy Leary creating a Day-Glo videogame version of the classic sci-fi novel Neuromancer, written with help from beat movement novelist-icon William S. Burroughs and featuring cameos from the likes of Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. And that really almost happened.

A month or so ago, the New York Public Library uncovered about a dozen unfinished games Leary had worked on in the ’80s. _Kotaku _took a look at those games–and the archivists digitizing them–for the mini-documentary you see here. Now the more I look, the more I’m saddened that Leary’s Neuromancer: Mind Movie never happened. It was even supposed to have a soundtrack from the weirdo-rockers Devo. A true cult classic in the making.