CES 2014: Myris Is A Personal Iris Scanner You'll Actually Want [Video]

Eye identification for the rest of us.

Iris identification is great for its accuracy, but the gadgets to make it happen can be expensive or unwieldy--and usually not great for personal use. Enter EyeLock and its myris, a cheap, beautiful, simple gadget for iris ID'ing.

The myris connects to your computer through a USB port, and works on Chrome, Mac, and Windows systems. It takes a brief--one-second-ish--video, then registers your passwords to your iris. You can then log in to multiple sites--your Facebook, your email--and open them all, by simply holding the device up to your eye. Easy and intuitive.

There's not a set release date or price, but the company estimates it'll be coming in the second half of this year and cost less than $300.