CES 2014: Does Smart Jewelry Take Wearable Tech Too Far?

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From Razer’s Nabu smartband to the Pebble Steel smartwatch, there are wrist-worn devices aplenty debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. But UK-based CSR is betting on a different kind of wearable tech: bling. They brought two smart jewelry prototypes to CES. And while they’re a bit bulky in their current form, there could be a little more substance than meets the eye.

When you pair the device with your smartphone, it can vibrate, flash, blink, or change color to indicate a text message, email, or other notification.

But CSR also thinks their platform is a good fit for wearable medical devices, especially when paired with other sensors. Imagine, say, a wearable necklace or bracelet that lets you know when your heart rate gets too high, or your blood sugar gets too low. Pair that with a smartphone, and a text could be automatically sent to a family member or care provider as well.

CSR’s current prototypes could certainly stand to be a bit smaller, but battery size is the biggest limitation at the moment. But for people with conditions that require constant or frequent monitoring, these prototypes are certainly more attractive than bulky medical equipment designed for function, rather than form.