Each month at Popular Science, we sift through a mountain of new products—everything from gadgets and tools to books and movies—so that you don’t have to.

View the gallery below to see 10 of our favorite things hitting the shelves (or are already on them) this September.

This article orignially appeared in the September 2014 issue of Popular Science.

TI CC3200

The “first single-chip programmable microcontroller platform” is a technical way of saying this little piece of hardware could help add your household devices to the Internet of Things. Part of a family of Texas Instrument products, SimpleLink connects via Wi-Fi. $30

What If?

Randall Munroe, creator of popular Web comic xkcd and former NASA roboticist, answers some of his wildest reader questions (“How long could a nuclear submarine last in orbit?”) with science and amusing illustrations. $24


The latest synthesizer software from KORG turns the Nintendo DS into a handheld music-production device. Twelve monophonic synths feature a range of effects (such as delay or reverb), and a 3-D oscilloscope gives the music-making process an immersive feel. $37

Planet Series Beer

In the early 1900s, composer Gustav Holst wrote “The Planets,” so that each movement corresponded to one of Earth’s neighbors. Bell’s Brewery salutes that piece by releasing a new beer every two months starting in August. The first is Mars, a double IPA. Price varies

Jumping Sumo

Parrot’s new rolling mini drone is piloted through an app with help from an onboard camera. Sumo can hop into your hand and kick over objects on the ground. $160

Garmin Approach S6

This watch could put your golf pro out of business. Garmin packed a group of sensors into its most advanced golf watch yet. It measures wannabe Phil Mickelsons’ upswings and downswings for strength and tempo. $400

LEGO Fusion

Give your LEGO creations a digital home with this new game. Unlike similar hybrid games, Fusion was designed by the folks at LEGO to balance playtime between physical blocks and a tablet screen. $35

Craftsman 2-in-1 Pliers

Clear some space in that toolbox with a set of transforming pliers. After a 180-degree rotation, the long-nose pliers become diagonal, so users can cut wire, grip, and turn without switching tools. $25

Marco Polo

Imagine, an app that almost makes you want to lose your phone. When your iPhone goes missing, call out “Marco,” and the phone—using one of 30 voice recordings—responds “Polo” until you locate the device. $0.99

Maui Jim’s Bamboo Forest Sunglasses

Nine layers in these lenses work to protect your eyes while enhancing the colors, contrast, and clarity of what you see—in comparison to what you’d get with most average sunglasses. Polarizing films reflect glare, bigradient mirrors deflect light from above, and two ultrathin layers absorb light at different wavelengths. $219