This article was originally published in the November 2014 issue of Popular Science, under the title, “Obsessed.”

Bloom Blanket

Who decided blankets need to be flat? Design studio Oak Form took inspiration from origami (and tessellations). The result is a cashmere blanket that looks like it belongs in a geometry book. $300


This app aims to replace your phone’s built-in contacts list by remembering contacts as you would: based on how you met, where they live, and who your mutual friends are. Free

Things To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension

What would it take to get you to try a math problem? A little humor could help. In his latest book, stand-up comedian and former math teacher Matt Parker shows the fun (and funnier) side of the much-maligned subject. $28


No matter how hi-fi your music player, if you’re listening on cruddy headphones, you’ll be disappointed. Blue Microphones’s first foray into the space includes a built-in amp that delivers powerful, smooth bass like no others can. $350

Micro 8050

Thanks to a specially designed 8-volt max lithium-ion battery, the Dremel Micro 8050 packs the power of a large tool into a body small and light enough to hold like a pencil. Added bonus: An LED at the tip illuminates any project, making fine work easier. $89


GBatteries has figured out how to build an external battery pack that can add six hours to your laptop’s battery life or 80 hours to an iPhone 5S. The pack uses technology called BatteryOS, charging it to 100 percent capacity without draining performance. $215


This portable projector, the size of a smartphone, includes a stylus with an embedded infrared emitter. An IR camera captures the stylus’s image and maps it as it moves around the display, turning an 80-inch projection into a giant tablet screen. $379


There are still places without cell service or Wi-Fi. That’s where you need goTenna. With the device, you can share your location with other goTenna users via GPS and send text messages via Bluetooth and long-range radio waves. $300/pair

Withings Activité

Most fitness trackers look pretty much the same (not pretty). Withings’ latest, on the other hand, is a stylish watch with sensors inside. A small meter on the face shows steps or sleep progress. For data on distance traveled or calories burned, it connects to an app via Bluetooth. $450


Christopher Nolan glams up astrophysics for the most anticipated science-fiction movie this fall. It follows a group of explorers as they travel vast distances in space using a newly discovered wormhole—to save the future of humanity, of course. Read our complete Interstellar package