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Clean the Bathroom (Good Idea)

Like scrubbing bathtubs? Neither do we, so cut the required elbow grease with a power scrubber. Drill through the center of a circular tub brush. Then drive a threaded bolt through the hole so the threaded end pokes out of the handle. Add a washer and secure it in place with a nut. Pop the end of the bolt into the drill head, tighten the grip, and enjoy cleaning the bathroom for once.

Perform a Root Canal (Bad Idea)

Dentists polled by the Chicago Dental Society say they’ve treated patients who tried to self-administer a root canal using power tools—tried being the key word.

WARNING: Always wear gloves and safety glasses while drilling. And when we say something is a bad idea, we mean it.

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Popular Science.