Today in the _I-probably-could’ve-thought-of-that _tech sub-category: Volvo will let package delivery employees into customers’ cars, because it sucks trying to be home when a package gets delivered.

Instead of the more straight-forward route of arming every UPS driver with a crowbar, Volvo is using a “digital key” to give package-wielders temporary access to customers’ trunks. When checking out online, customers will soon be able to select car delivery as an option; the car’s location is sent to the delivery person, and a temporary digital key is issued so they can open the customer’s trunk. The customer can track when the car is opened and closed through messages sent to a mobile device. The process, called “Roam Delivery,” will officially debut later this month at the Mobile World Congress conference.

Clever, right? The tech has been here for a while already, as _The Car Connection _points out, but now Volvo is pulling together GPS and On Star-type wizardry and applying it to a different field.

It’s not clear if customers using the service will have to agree to some kind of liability clause (what happens if you insist your package didn’t make it to your car?), but, hey, it sounds better than having to track down the package yourself after a sorry-we-missed-you notice gets hammered to your door.