Are you tired of the fee-sponsored “links” choking your Google search results pages? Return to those halcyon days of the original Google, when only clean, clear search results filled your monitor. Enter Wikia Search. Wikia Search is the brainchild of Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales. Fueled with startup capital from, Wikia Search builds its returned links from a mixed software + human approach, much like the “trusted network” concept espoused by Wikipedia. Think Google meets Yahoo! Answer meets Wikipedia meets all bundled under one roof. Don’t throw Google out with the bath water just yet, however. Wales intends to turn Wikia Search into a revenue-yielding site as soon as he can conceive of an ad-driven business model. So much for the “good ol’ days.” Go ahead and give the “alpha” Wikia Search site a try and then post your observations in our comments section.—Dave Prochnow