So remote, it’s gone

A second concept—which for some reason they wouldn’t let us
shoot—uses remote, but only a very tiny one. Looking more like the controller
for a DVD player, the TV’s tiny remote had only a few buttons, like
and volume, plus a set of directional buttons.

Instead of keying in channel 200 for HBO, for example, you
slide through a lineup of channels that appear like iTunes album covers at the
bottom of the screen. Sound like it would get tedious if you have hundreds of stations.
But JVC includes a few time-saving features. The list scrolls faster as you
hold the button down longer, you can skip with one click to the front or back
of the cue, and you can also jump through the cue in chunks of a few dozen or

JVC thinks this will be the most effect way to navigate not
just hundreds of channels, but content from disc players, cameras, the Internet
and a hard-drive-equipped media server that the company is thinking about
building.—Sean Captain

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