If you’re a new Nokia N800 owner, then you might have noticed a glaring omission in the supplied software: there is no camera app. Sure, you have the webcam option when you launch the Nokia Internet Call communication program, but you can’t take any photos with it. Owners who long for a portable pic from their Internet Tablet, just have to download and install the Noika Camera from the online software catalog. With a Wi-Fi connection established:

  1. Browse. Open Tools > Application Manager and click “Browse installable applications.” Select “All” entries from the Nokia online catalog.
  2. Install. Find the Camera application and click “Install.” The Camera app is installed inside a new folder, “Extras.”
  3. Launch. Open Extras > Camera and start the app before you extend the camera. Now pop out the camera and click a pic. Don’t set your expectations too high, though. The resulting images are 640×480 with a file size of approximately 250Kb—very poor quality.

If you’re more of a DIYer, then you can roll your own camera app using the Nokia Camera API. You might want to study the image quality from Nokia’s Camera app first, however, then you’ll know whether or not your bit-bustin’ efforts will be worthwhile.—Dave Prochnow