The 800 was one of five new products announced at CES.
Another that caught our eye was the nuvi 5000 – which sports a roomy 5.2-inch
screen and souped up access to MSN direct—with info like traffic information,
fuel prices, weather reports, and now enhanced movie listings, news and stock
updates. We wonder about the wisdom or reading the news while you’re driving,
but the news briefs are just a few sentences that Garmin says are sized for
skimming while your at a stoplight or stuck in a traffic jam.


For getting out of the car, Garmin introduced the Colorado series – with
models specialized to provide topo maps for hikers, shoreline details for
fishermen, or coastal water charts for boaters. The Colorado is the first GPS line to features
Wherigo – new geocashing software that lets you create (or download) scavenger
hunts or walking tours.—Sean Captain

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