AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller and Pro System

Real Guitar Heroes have better axes. Modified full-size Peavy guitars, these controllers aren’t your ordinary chunks-o-plastic. Buttons are set in a rosewood fretboard, tuners are left in for a visual kick, and a strategically-placed strum bar keeps playing smooth. Best of all, Peavy utilizes their patented custom shop system for the controllers, decking them out in one of 11 designs sporting the likes of KISS [above] and Ozzy; soon they’ll be letting customers upload designs of your own. Their Pro System [left], meanwhile, aims to transform your basement into an arena with four 10-inch high-output speakers housed below a 150-watt amp head.—A.S.


an exchange rate of 10 PED = $1 USD, Entropia is the only MMORPG with a
real cash economy. So when they announce a $5 million treasure hunt, it
has some kind of weight. Space Pirates, their newest venture, takes
over the final frontier. Colonize planets, hoard valuable tools and
blueprints. As in the rest of Entropia Universe, no subscription fees
or purchase is necessary to join.—A.S.


Golf Launchpad
The Home Launchpad II simulator plugs into DVR boxes
equipped with a USB port, such as many cable and satellite boxes. When
you swing at the tethered ball, optical sensors in the turf measure the
angle and speed of your shot, which is then superimposed on real
tournaments you’ve recorded—so you too can get crushed by Tiger.—Matt

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