Belkin FlyWire
Ditch the AV guy. Plug in a just few cables and you’re set—able to stream an HD signal from a set-top box to an HDTV anywhere in your home sans wires or pricey installation costs.


i2i Stream Digital Music Broadcaster
Forget burning CDs. The i2i Stream revolutionizes music sharing—beaming
songs from nearly any media source (iPods, DVD players, computers) to
multiple users via a palm-sized portable device. A color-coded
frequency indicator makes it easy to swap between friends’


With the highest bandwidth of any high-def streamer, Radiospire’s
Theater Hub transmits extremely high-quality video and audio without
any lag. Its 15 feet range, isn’t much compared to other streamers, but
they claim an impressive cost/quality ratio—one that would more than
make up for not being able to beam content across your mansion.


Samsung’s rolling out a bunch of new LCD and plasma [at left] HDTVs with an
innovative “Interactive Content” feature. Equipped with an Ethernet
connection, they can pull RSS feeds, allowing you to customize your
news, weather, sports, and more. All models are equipped with HDMI and
USB connections, making it a snap to consolidate your media.


Hyped since last year’s CES, the SlingCatcher’s finally being released. The ultra-sleek set-top box keeps your content yours, streaming it across a LAN or WAN and allowing you to access shows, or personal content from outside television sets. The bundled SlingProjector goes one step further, sending Internet content (movies, pics, YouTube clips, etc.) straight to the TV.

Lance Shows

Squeezebox Duet
Free your tunes. The new Squeezebox Duet builds on its predecessor’s MO—streaming your computer-imprisoned music through any stereo system—but with a slimmer and more user-friendly receiver. A full-color LCD remote allows seamless control.


NetGear RangeMax Dual-Band Wireless-N Router (WNDR3300)
Simplify, simplify, simplify. This router [left] boasts two bands—one with extra channels for optimal W-iFi connectivity, the other for multimedia streaming. Run both at once and bask in the Automatic Quality of Service, which ensures no dropped calls, jittery video or deadly gaming lag.

With high hopes for a media-rich house of the future, STS’s
fourth-generation chip sets a high standard for connectivity. Able to
both transmit and receive up to eight streams of HD audio content
throughout a home (150 feet indoors, 500 feet out) it can beam
virtually any type of content to any receiver. Listen to TV through
your shower speakers; beam playlists across the house through wireless

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