PlanOn PrintStik
What good is a cameraphone if you can never free your photos? Turn yours into a
present-day Polaroid with this pint-sized printer. Just an inch-thick
(though nearly 11 inches long), it uses Bluetooth to connect with
smartphones, PDAs and laptops and prints color images or documents
instantly. Minimal and rugged moving parts ensure it stays safe
on-the-go, and its use of roll paper means you won’t be lugging around
wrinkly sheafs.


Sandio 3D Game O2
Like most 3D mice, this one allows for seamless use of popular
apps—Google SketchUp, CAD for Everyone, Second Life and more—but unlike
most there are dedicated gaming keys. Sixteen programmable keys can be
customized and saved for individual games allowing gamers a
keyboard-free experience.


Dell Crystal
Form and function—should either really have the upper hand? Dell’s
Crystal Flat Panel Monitor sports ultra-clear glass, discreet buttons
and a sculptured metal base with a single cable connection to reduce
clutter. Garnering a Best of Innovation award at this year’s CES, the
22-inch widescreen has 1680×1050 resolution and high-quality speakers
embedded in its frame.

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