Self, Centered
Trying to take a picture of yourself usually results in a crooked, blurry mess. But with the Samsung S860, select the self-portrait mode and the camera snaps only when its face-detection software determines that you’re centered in the frame.
Samsung S860 $180;—Matt Schneiderman


Talking On Sunshine
Stick the first solar-powered Bluetooth speakerphone in-
side your windshield, and get 30 minutes of hands-free talk time for every three hours of sunlight. Cloudy day? Charge it from your car’s lighter.
Anycom Bluetooth Solar Car Kit $100;—M.S.


Wave Goodbye
Hit “snooze” on this phone’s alarm without fumbling for buttons.
The camera automatically turns on to detect the wave of your hand as the phone lies on your bedside table. The same trick sends incoming calls to voicemail.
Sony Ericsson Z555 Price not set;—M.S.


Decked Out
Re-create the feel of a bona fide cockpit with an LCD instrument panel that displays an indicator from your flight-simulator game, such as an altimeter or a fuel gauge. Bonus: It frees up space on your monitor for more virtual sky.
Saitek Flight Instrument Panel $100;—M.S.


Viewer’s Choice
Any media streamer lets your TV play videos stored on your computer. This is the first that also lets you download additional movies with your remote. The easy-to-use menus make it simple to buy or rent flicks from
MediaSmart Receiver Price not set;—M.S.


The Little Details
At just 2.6 by 5 inches, Panasonic’s new camcorder is the smallest and lightest that records in ultra-detailed 1920x 1080p resolution. It saves space by combining four circuit boards into one, which also cuts power use and thus extends the battery life. Panasonic HDC-SD9 $800;—M.S.

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