iRiver SPINN
Give Apple a run for its money; iRiver’s latest
products are more beautiful and innovative than ever. The SPINN claims
a 3.2″ screen for videos, music, games and apps. Spin through offerings
with the sleek toggle wheel. FM radio, voice recording and Bluetooth
are just some of the bonuses.


iRiver iAMOLED
A monster hard drive or a pint-sized player—your
call. Another iRiver rollout, the iAMOLED stores 160 GB of media, along
with a sizeable screen for scrolling through images, music, and more. A
built-in mic allows for voice recording, while TV Out makes sharing


Franklin Spelling Bee
Based on the Scripps National Spelling Bee
program, this hand-held trainer lets you practice under real “bee”
circumstances. An interactive monitor speaks the word (out of a list of
7,500 divided into three levels of difficulty) and displays your typed
answer on the LCD screen before announcing whether it’s correct. Extras
include a TV Out feature that allows multiple players on a big screen,
a 70,000 word Miriam Webster Dictionary and a personal word bank. Bonus
points for resembling the illegitimate spawn of a Helio Ocean and PSP.


Do homes need a third screen? Need’s probably beside the
point. OpenPeak is touting their phone/Internet/media device as such,
and it looks promising. The system is inarguably attractive, and a
clever incorporation of everything from a bulletin board to VoIP.


Energizer-Light on Demand Series
Begone blackouts. This line of
lights uses innovative light sticks—backed-up by rechargeable batteries
rather than electricity. Available in inconspicuous sconce form or
lamps, the light source itself pops out for an instant flashlight.
Sporting LEDs, they’re far more efficient and cost-effective than
standard incandescent.


Want to be on the cutting edge of portable power
generation? Yeah you do. The HydroPak uses hydrogen fuel cells to
recharge ordinary electronics with no wasted electricity or harmful
emissions. Each cell can power a laptop 8-10 times. A miniature version
to juice cellphones or iPods on the go is expected next year.


LCD Digital Microscope
Stop squinting. This 40–400 power LCD
microscope boasts a sizeable color screen, perfect for lengthy
examinations of the microscopic netherworlds. A built-in digital camera
takes SD cards and snaps images and video clips; shooting them to
computers via USB.

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