Google just released its annual summary of the hottest topics on the Web, the 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist. In the U.S., the fastest-rising search was—surprise, surprise—the iPhone. But besides that obvious winner, the other winners are certainly interesting. Kids clearly had some influence, as Webkinz grabbed the number two slot, and Club Penguin, a Disney-owned, child-safe online community, wasn’t too far behind. The most popular lawsuit? That honor belongs to Borat. It’s an interesting compilation to sort through, though not always reassuring for science-minded type. After spotting “Who is Keppler?” on the top ten list of “Who is” questions, I wondered if 2007 had brought a sudden surge of interest in the history of cosmology, even if the name wasn’t spelled quite right. Alas, that’s not the case. All those Internet sleuths were looking for the Keppler of CSI fame.—Gregory Mone