Want to impress all of your tree-hugging friends who are chiding you that your iPhone can kill you? Now a chunky little media player from the inventor who brought you the windup radio, Trevor Baylis, delivers a music player, video player, FM radio, LED light, image viewer, sound recorder, data storage, and cell phone charger all-in-one windup—the Eco Media Player. One minute’s worth of winding and you can listen to around 40 minutes of music. If you’re in for the longer haul, an onboard USB charging port will enable you to use your, gasp, computer for instilling a full-capacity charge for 20 hours of music-listening. Sadly the Eco is currently available only in the UK at around 155 British pounds. With the ghastly exchange rate applied, that’s roughly $326 US dollars. Here’s hoping for a U.S. release. —Dave Prochnow

(Image: Trevor Baylis Brands PLC)