Forget radio-controlled cars—this season it’s all about taking to the air. From the WowWee Dragonfly ornithopter to the RadioShack Indoor Micro Mosquito RC Helicopter, kitchen air raids might be a common occurrence in many post-Christmas households. Aside from these more familiar insect-named flying toys, a more obscure and slightly higher cost model could be the cream of the crop.

The RC AH-64 Apache RTF 4-channel electric helicopter from HobbyTron is a high-performance flying model that can fly for approximately 10 minutes per charge and operate with a flight radius range up to 120 feet. But the real spec that makes this $129 toy spectacular is the ability to perform a fairly stable hover. Although the 16″-long Apache model is a little too large for flying inside most households, outdoors, this baby could be just the ticket for keeping those pesky squirrels out of the bird feeder. —Dave Prochnow

(Image: HobbyTron)