Pay By Touch

Shell Oil provided this photo of a Pay By Touch enrollment kiosk. Chicago drivers have a new way to pay for gasoline: with their fingertips.Ten Shell gas stations in the Windy City are testing biometric systems that let consumers walk up to the pump, scan their fingertips on a device and fill up their vehicles. The systems, also installed at Shell convenience stores, are directly linked to customers’ checking or credit-card accounts for payment. (AP Photo/Shell Oil)

Hey, how fun! A fingerprint scanner that debits your back account! In what might be a clever way to distract drivers from the fact that they’re emptying their accounts at the pump, Shell has announced a plan to test biometric systems at Chicago-area gas stations.

Initially, people will scan their prints at a kiosk inside one of the ten participating stations and either provide their bank info on the spot, or do it online. Then, to fill up, drivers will be able to simply scan their fingertips at the pump—the system will automatically charge the amount to their checking or credit-card accounts.—Gregory Mone

Via Yahoo News