The movement against trans-fats in our foods could end up helping our climate, not just our hearts and health. Bill Bolch, president of New England Biodiesel, a company that distributes home-based filling stations for the green fuel, says the ban on trans-fats will benefit his industry, since those oils actually make sub-par fuel.

Biodiesel, which reduces emissions by 80% compared with standard cars, is mainly made up of vegetable oil or animal fat, so you can get the key ingredients at a local restaurant. Blend this stuff with the right mix of lye and methanol and you’ve got a more natural way of running your car or even heating your home.

But Bolch, the 2007 winner of the Green Grand Prix Road Rally, warns that not every dining outlet should be your new fuel station. For example, you don’t want to have McDonald’s on your list. Apparently the oil that the fast-food giant uses makes for sub-par fuel. For a primer on the benefits of this versatile fuel, check here.—Gregory Mone