It’s every stubborn man’s dream. You don’t have the dashboard navigator. You don’t want to go in and ask for directions because, well, that’s beneath you. Men don’t ask for directions. But there on the screen right before you, as you’re re-filling the tank, a touch-activated Google map offers to show you the way to your destination. And you don’t even have to admit you’re lost. You could just say you’re double-checking.

The gas pump maker Gilbarco Veeder-Root unveiled plans to roll out a Google maps-enabled service at 3,500 pumps across the U.S. The bad news? In the short term, you’ll only be able to search for spots chosen by the retailer: hotels, restaurants, landmarks, etc. But the company expects to allow drivers to search for whatever address they want in the future.—Gregory Mone

(Image credit: Gilbarco Veeder-Root)