If you thought Doug Cantor’s disposable cam-belt buckle project was a little crazy, then get a load of the Amazing Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle from BWild (aka Village Street Wear). Why would you want/need a calculator belt buckle? Good question. According to the BWild marketing copy, this buckle is “great for cheating.” “Why get caught with the wrong answer,” they ask, when you could “never again struggle with simple equations or complex formulas.” Oh, and it’s “great for accountants,” too.

Hmm, isn’t fiddling with a chrome-finish calculator hanging from your waist bound to call you out as a cheater? And if an accountant starts fingering his belt buckle, it might be time to look for a new accountant. Good thing you had your disposable cam-belt buckle to record that zipper-cipherin’ incident. —Dave Prochnow