A Paris-based company called Ratleads is releasing a three-wheeled skateboard that can be controlled via cellular phone. The company is calling its creation, Groundsurf, more of a surfboard, because of the way it rides and turns, but the real attraction is in the technology.

An electric motor drives the single front wheel, and you can change the board’s speed with a Bluetooth-enabled phone. It will most likely run with touchscreen phones, so riders can simply slide a finger up or down the screen to adjust their speed. Which sounds cool, but you have to wonder how many people will be able to keep their eyes on the road, and not be tempted to check an incoming text while on the fly. Gordon & Smith will sell them here in the US.—Gregory Mone

The board is just one in a long line of lazy man’s gadgets, check out the full list here.

Via BlueTomorrow