Those hard-working folks at Spark Fun Electronics have taken a good thing and made it better. By taking three of their 2000mAh 3.7V polymer lithium ion batteries and wrapping them up together, they have created a 6Ah powerhouse battery pack (#PRT-08484; $39.95). This is a parallel battery circuit. Also, rather than having to contend with those pesky solder tabs that are inherent to most LiPoly batteries, this Spark Fun power pack is terminated in a convenient JST connector. Oh, and if you don’t like JST connectors, just snip the connector off and solder on your preferred connector.


LiPoly batteries are very picky about recharging. If you’re looking for a suitable LiPoly battery recharger, Spark Fun has an easy-to-use fast charger (#PRT-08293; $19.95). This little black box charger requires a 5V regulated input with a barrel tip. The charger’s output is accessed via a 2-pin screw terminal block. —Dave Prochnow

(Images: Spark Fun Electronics)