As we’ve reported before, it’s often possible to fight planned obsolescence and resurrect your dead or dying iPod without bowing to the man by simply buying a new one. Putting a more morbid twist on the issue is the iPod Death Clock—enter in your serial number, answer a few quick questions, and get an estimate on how much time’s left until your iPod’s funeral, ticking down before your eyes! They’ll also give you a link to add your funeral date to Google Calendar, an estimate on your battery’s current capacity, and of course some handy links to purchase some replacement parts from their well-appointed shop.

As you can see, PopSci web assistant Abby’s relatively new 5G ‘pod only has a little over a year left to live. O mortality, does nothing escape your ever-present gaze? —John Mahoney

iPod Death Clock
[via Lifehacker]