Little known Peter Diamandis fact: back in 1987, he was one of three founders of something called the International Space University—an institution devoted to the study of—you guessed it—all things space.

Now, to raise some funds for its scholarship program, the ISU is throwing a massive auction on eBay starting tomorrow, the 50th anniversary of Sputnik’s launch. If you’re looking for a gift for the space nerd that has it all, this is the place: on offer is everything from lunch with a former astronaut to Sputnik-shaped lawn ornaments. Other wares include space art, coffee table books and the chance to fly one kilogram of stuff into the space. You can justify the memorabilia to your significant other since the auction’s proceeds will allow more luck souls to become “Masters of Space Management” (an actual ISU program) themselves. Now that’s a degree worth holding on to. —Saba Berhie

ISU Auction – [via LiveScience]