A few months ago, when PPX was but a wobbly infant, we tried out the idea of a one-percent commission on all trades, with the idea that this would keep the market more fair and accurate. Unfortunately, since there were only a few thousand traders at the time, the exchange came grinding to a halt, and we responded by removing the commission to encourage a fun environment with a high trade volume.

But now that PPX is more mature, with a community of over 16,000 members, we’re ready to try the experiment again— in a new, carefully considered fashion. This time around, rather than charging a percentage of the trade value, PPX will charge a flat POP$0.25 per share for each trade. The commission will be instated at 3 pm EDT, tomorrow: Friday, September 28th. Our hope is that this policy will increase the accuracy of the predictions generated.

The Cliff’s Notes version of this blog post: You have until 3 pm tomorrow to trade for free, so get those stocks while they’re hot. —The PPX staff