HP announced the debut of its new gaming PC, the Blackbird, last night, and the machine is already garnering some seriously positive reviews.

Based on looks alone it seems to be a few steps beyond the standard PC tower. The Blackbird stands off the ground slightly, on a single “foot,” and while this does look pretty cool, it’s really a functional choice, as it gives the machine one more side to breathe through, and wards off overheating, which is one of the common ailments of gaming PCs.

But it’s really the attention-to-the-right-details on the inside that has critics buzzing. ZDNet raves: “Its design rivals the Apple Mac Pro, it takes risks that benefit your upgrade path, it’s fast, and it’s competitively priced. If you can afford it, and you want a high-end gaming PC, buy this one. End of story.”—Gregory Mone