Here are two bargain-priced products that are worth an extra look:

First up, All Electronics Corp has a digital multimeter that could be a great backup testing tool for the garage, basement, or shop. It’s a Craftsman Model No. 82061 (Cat # DMM-61) auto-ranging digital LCD meter. It comes with a carrying case and two 1.5V LR-44 batteries. This meter can measure: AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, and capacitance. The Craftsman 82061 meter is priced at $10.65.

The second bargain is the Compaq Microcom TravelCard Fast PCMCIA modem from BG Micro (#COM 1176). This 33.6Kbps modem does not include manuals, drivers, or phone line cord, but it only costs ten cents! You can find these extra items from Wired World for $30.42 or TradeMoon for $6. NOTE: Make sure that these other vendors do, in fact, include the manuals, drivers, and phone line cord with the modem. —Dave Prochnow

(Image: All Electronics Corp.)