A 39-year-old man was arrested for surfing someone else’s unsecured wireless connection in London on Tuesday. The man was sitting, notebook in his lap, on a garden wall in the West London suburb of Chiswick when two representatives of the neighborhood watch approached and questioned him.

The man admitted that he was using someone else’s Wi-Fi – illegal under the U.K. 2003 Communications Act – so they alerted the police, who came and arrested him. Free-surfing isn’t so easy in Europe. In Italy it’s nearly impossible to get your own machine on the Web. To even access the Internet at a café you have to leave a copy of your license or passport.

As for the British case, further details are scant, but I can’t help wondering why he didn’t just shut down his notebook and run. Maybe he was reading a really engrossing blog.—Gregory Mone

Via The Guardian