A still from The Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons TM and � 2007 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. �All Rights Reserved.

D’oh. A 21-year-old man in Sidney, Australia has been charged with distributing an illegal copy of the new film, The Simpsons Movie, on the Internet.

After an investigation involving several organizations, including the movie’s studio, Twentieth Century Fox, Australian police raided a Sidney home, arresting the alleged culprit. Apparently the man recorded the movie on his cell phone in a Sydney movie theater one night before the film premiered in the U.S. By the time authorities shut activity down, the copy had been downloaded 110,000 times.

Now, if Chief Wiggum had been in charge of digital security, it never would have gotten that far. Or maybe the whole world would be watching for free.—Gregory Mone