Those Spark Fun folks just can’t stop rolling out cool DIY components, apparently. If you recall, a recent PopSci Weekly Project that we ran on Instructables featured one of their GPS loggers. In this project, we embedded the logger inside a baseball cap for discrete, field-based data logging. Now might be a good time to revisit that project. A new product from Spark Fun Electronics makes GPS data logging much tidier and more powerful. Oh, and this new product is cheaper, too.

Dubbed the GeoChron, this new GPS data logger is empowered by an EM408 GPS receiver coupled to a space-age LiPoly battery and onboard LiPoly battery charger (via USB). Many of the nits with the original data logger have been eliminated with the GeoChron—configurable time lapse between records and user selectable GPS data sentences. The GeoChron is priced at $149.95.

(Image: Spark Fun Electronics)